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Gloria Trevisan
December 2017

Gloria Trevisan who lost her life with her partner Marco in the Grenfell Tower disaster worked for us at the start of 2017. At the time of her death she had moved to another practice but we still remember her fondly. We did not send any Christmas cards this year and are instead  making a donation to the fund being set up in Gloria and Marco’s name to support other Italian architects to come to the UK for training.

Read more here about the Gloria e Marco Award


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Redevelopment of student accommodation in Cambridge has gained planning permission
November 2017

Working with Freeland Rees Roberts architects, this scheme has gained planning permission for the redevelopment of the St Regis site in Cambridge. The scheme is set to provide development in a new setting whilst retaining the most valuable elements of the existing landscape. The student accommodating will comprise new residences which closely follow the form of the existing development. While the re-alignment of the new buildings will provide an enhanced site area for landscape proposals.


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Green Park wins Natural Environment Runner-Up at the Annual Canal & River Trust Living Waterways Awards
October 2017

Winning the 2017 Runner-Up Natural Environment Award at the annual Canal & River Trust Living Waterways Awards, Green Park was originally a low-lying wasteland area subject to flooding. Over 20 years Green Park, alongside the M4 at Reading, has been transformed to a 195-acre ‘green’ business park boasting an array of wildlife habitats and providing an attractive working environment.

A new central lake, which is linked to the Foudry Brook and in turn the River Kennet, has been created to provide flood water storage and features bird hides, bat boxes and valuable habitat for a diverse range of wildlife.  It also links to the local footpaths, offering a host of recreation opportunities for local people and office workers.

Watch this video to learn more about Green Park’s award-winning landscape.


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Power Road Studios gains planning permission
September 2017

Planning permission has been granted for the 5-storey brick office building forming part of the wider Power Road Studios masterplan. The proposals included visual links between Studio 1 reception and the new build with enhanced landscape setting to the latter incorporating social areas set within soft landscaping. These external spaces offer opportunities for staff to work outside with a south facing aspect.

Construction is well underway on the refurbishment to Studio 1 and 2 along the street frontage.


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Construction starts at Fulham’s Queen’s Manor Primary school
August 2017

Work has begun at Queen’s Manor Primary School to create the £6m state-of-the-art disabled children’s building and resource centre – all featuring dynamic playgrounds, water features and wildlife gardens. Phase 1, which began in July, sees the construction of the KS2 playground, MUGA, pond and wildlife area. The EYFS and KS1 playgrounds and resource centre courtyard will follow during phases 2 and 3 in 2017 and 2018. The overall landscape design is set to promote learning through outdoor play and features rainwater gardens, willow walks and multisensory play features.  

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PLACE Design + Planning announces new Associate
July 2017

Meaghan Kombol has been promoted to Associate at landscape architecture practice PLACE Design + Planning.  A Chartered Landscape Architect, she gained her MA in landscape architecture in 2006 and has a great deal of international and national experience, from desert-reclamation projects in Abu Dhabi to residential and school landscapes in the UK.

Meaghan's designs have been well-received and have won numerous awards and accolades. Her sustainably-driven designs create highly functional, yet aesthetically pleasing spaces, maximising the potential of sites for users and clients. In 2015 she authored a book, published by Phaidon Press, 30:30 Landscape Architecture in which 30 of the most renowned landscape architects explored the work of 30 emerging practitioners of the profession.   


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Gloria Trevisan
June 2017

Gloria Trevisan worked in our office for seven weeks in which time she quietly and diligently produced beautiful work. She was a gentle sort with a great smile. The horrific event at Grenfell Tower, and the presumed death of Gloria and Marco is a tragic loss for their family and friends. Some of Gloria's designs sit on her desk as a potent reminder to us all. She worked on a mixed use rural scheme, producing engaging hand drawn sketches as well as meticulously designed 3D models.

We offer our deepest sympathies and wish there was some way we could help in such difficult times.



The Bronze House sculpture has been installed at Hobson's Square
May 2017

A 25-ton timber sculpture, the Bronze House, designed by Studio Morison has been fabricated and installed by Castle Ring Oak Frame at Hobson’s Square, Great Kneighton.  The sculpture’s complexity meant that much of the inscription and jointing had to be carried out nine metres above it. Hand scorched and rubbed down with wire brushes to produce its final finish, the sculpture is made from misshapen chestnut wood. The sculpture creates the civic heart of Hobson’s Square, a significant public space with landscape design by PLACE in this residential development, and references Bronze Age field boundaries found on the site.    

Read the Hobson's Square here



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May's Pro Landscaper magazine features PLACE
May 2017

Pro Landscaper magazine interviewed the directors of PLACE for its Landscape Architect’s Journal feature in the May issue, covering the amalgamation with Bell Fischer Landscape Architects, becoming an Employee Owned Trust and the current portfolio of work on education, residential and commercial projects.    

Read the Pro Landscaper article here



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Grade 1 listed Royal Ballet School in Richmond gets a remodel >>> ....... >>>>> ... April 2017

Having been commissioned as lead consultants by the Royal Ballet School to provide a landscape and visual impact assessment and landscape proposals for the restoration of the main eastern entrance area of White Lodge, which houses the ballet school, the project has since gained planning consent and work is now on site with a completion date in mid-May.

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£6m state-of-the-art disabled children’s centre gains planning permission>>>>>>>>> March 2017

Planning permission has been granted for a £6m state-of-the-art disabled children’s centre and accompanying landscape in Fulham.  In collaboration with staff from Queen’s Manor Primary School, PLACE has relocated and redesigned the school’s existing KS1 and KS2 playgrounds, to create dynamic, multifunctional areas. This collaboration, together with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s disabled children’s centre, helped to create innovative play spaces for both the disabled children’s centre and SEN playgrounds.  The overall design will include rainwater gardens, willow walks and a MUGA – all designed to promote co-operation, creativity and confidence in play.

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Planning permission granted to St George's College new activity centre
February 2017

St George’s College has recently been granted planning permission for the development of a new Activity Centre and landscape works. The proposed development will replace the existing single storey structure with a multi-storey sports hall.  PLACE has been commissioned to enhance the landscape round the New Activity Centre by providing vibrant, social spaces with seating and a rain garden.  Visual corridors will provide links between the main entrance and the athletics track at the rear of the site.



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Lidl is granted planning permission
January 2017

Kingston Council has granted planning approval for Lidl UK’s new headquarters in Tolworth, south west London.  Final approval is now awaited from the Mayor of London. PLACE was appointed at the early design stage to provide landscape advice, design and planning expertise to integrate the proposals sensitively within the site and its diverse surroundings.

The office building will accommodate 750 staff and replaces four existing offices in London. The development will also include on-site car parking, a high-quality public realm area along Kingston Road leading to the main pedestrian entrance, and a large staff amenity area designed on part of the site that is within Metropolitan Open Land (MOL). Other features include a natural swale and green corridor leading through the multi-storey car park. PLACE also prepared a townscape visual impact assessment and assisted the design team with additional off-site improvements.



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Fulham Primary School refurbishment
December 2016

A planning application has been submitted for the revamp of Queen’s Manor Primary School, KS1 and KS2 playgrounds, as well as the creation of a new SEN and Resource Centre building and associated play areas. The flow between the play areas is represented by line markings on the ground, while real-time learning experiences are encouraged through natural play in meadow and woodland areas. The scheme also includes sustainable drainage systems, allotment beds, a chicken coop and a bug hotel.

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PLACE Design + Planning and Bell Fischer Landscape Architects amalgamate
November 2016

PLACE Design + Planning and Bell Fischer Landscape Architects (BFLA), two award-winning, London-based landscape architecture practices, amalgamated at the beginning of November 2016. The company became an Employee Owned Trust in July.

The directors of the practice are Tony Edwards, Gordon Bell and Giles Hopgood.  The larger team now has a wider skill set, with a greater breadth and depth of experience to offer clients, and complementary portfolios on which to build an increased capability in various sectors.

Read more on the amalgamation here




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400 Longwater Avenue gains planning approval
October 2016

The planning application for 400 Longwater Avenue in Green Park, Reading has been approved.   The application covers the scheme’s two new office blocks overlooking Longwater and its complementary landscape. PLACE’s design provides formal and informal landscape elements that offer both lush amenity spaces as well as ecologically-rich enhancements to support the award-winning business park’s commitment to wildlife. Decking has been installed overlooking Longwater to take advantage of the vistas created at the end of the view corridors of the site’s east/west avenue.

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Why Raynes Park should win the Great British High Street Award
September 2016

The Great British High Street 'celebrates the great work that is being done to revive, adapt and diversify the nation’s high streets'. This entry was spearheaded by Tony Edwards, of Place Design and Planning, as vice-chairman of the Raynes Park Association (RPA) who believes that with 'the addition of the Crossrail 2, Raynes Park High Street will now - more than ever - become the centre of a vibrant community.'

Read more about The Great British High Street



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400 SOW is up and running
August 2016

This commercial scheme has recently been refurbished, together with its surrounding landscape. The building’s entrance is emphasised in the ground plan, with fingers of stainless steel radiating out horizontally from the entrance façade, with similar fins placed vertically on the face of the building. The existing water terrace has been renovated by a high quality natural stone terrace with seating, contained by a new balustrade edge, designed as a feature element and echoed at the building’s entrances.   

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St George's goes in for planning approval
July 2016

A planning application has been submitted for the new Activity Centre at St George’s College. PLACE has created a robust landscape structure for the new Centre and single storey changing facilities. The spill-out zone at the front of the Activity Centre is bisected by a diagonal route which guides users to different parts of the school grounds. It provides relaxing, sociable spaces with seating and a rain garden to complement the greenbelt surroundings.

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410 Thames Valley Park breaks ground
June 2016

This commercial scheme is currently on site undergoing a refurbishment of its existing building and surrounding landscape, including a roof terrace which will provide views across the site and towards the River Thames and Caversham Park. A new central circulation path, with two bridges connecting the two separate gardens, will become the main focus and create an open, usable space for a more cohesive community of occupants and their visitors.

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Planning Application submitted in Colchester
May 2016

A planning application has been submitted for the 4.8 ha Colchester Northern Gateway site, containing retail, leisure, cinema and hotel elements, as well as a large public realm space. The site is in an area located between the Colchester Football stadium, United Way and the recently constructed Via Urbis Romanae. PLACE has developed a landscape scheme with a multi-functional space for events and activities, and elements to encourage the public to linger within the spaces rather than passing quickly through the site.

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Rydens Enterprise School breaks ground
April 2016

Rydens Enterprise School in Hersham held its ground-breaking ceremony last month which kicked off the construction process for the new state-of-the-art secondary school and accompanying landscape. In addition to the head of the school, the celebration included key members of the community and student body, as well as the design and construction teams. 

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400 Longwater Avenue submitted for planning
March 2016

A planning application has been submitted for 400 Longwater Avenue in Green Park, Reading.   The application seeks to gain approval for the creation of two new office blocks overlooking Longwater lake. A complementary landscape will frame the buildings while providing a series of secluded pocket gardens, sustainable drainage systems and an ecological-enhancing planting mix - all benefiting the native wildlife found in this award-winning business park. 

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Green Park wins the Biodiversity Benchmark Award by the Wildlife Trust
February 2016

Green Park is the first business park in the UK to have won the Biodiversity Benchmark Award from the Wildlife Trust. This distinction recognises the effective wildlife management strategy of Green Park in creating a ‘living landscape’ and is certified through the principles of ‘restore, recreate and reconnect’. What was once an area of low-quality, agricultural land has been transformed into this award -winning business park that, with PLACE’s involvement, has seen the creation of woodlands, sustainable urban drainage systems and habitats which attract a variety of wildlife, including many species of birds.

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Rydens Enterprise School gains planning permission
January 2016

Rydens Enterprise School Hersham has recently won planning permission for the redevelopment of its new school on the southern part of existing playing fields. PLACE’s landscape design responds to the architectural form and spaces created by architects Scott Brownrigg. The landscape concept provides a diverse range of spaces, from the provision of a welcoming piazza at the front of the school, where pupils congregate and socialise at the start of the school day, through to spaces within the school for active and passive play. There is bench seating for informal outdoor meeting areas; courtyard spaces for gathering at break times and extensive sports provision with natural and artificial surfaces.

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Tiger Primary School has recently been completed
November 2015

The Tiger Primary School building and landscape have recently been completed. The grounds reflect the age groups of the students, enabling staff to open the classrooms and extend learning into the external environment. Ancient woodland situated next to the school provides an excellent opportunity for the students to connect with nature and was a key feature in the implementation of the landscape design.  

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Farnham School wins design award
November 2015

Frensham Heights School has won a Waverley Council 2015 design award for its new Performing Arts Teaching Centre, which afforded PLACE the opportunity to consider the school site as a whole for the landscape design. The development created new spaces, desire lines, pedestrian/ vehicle linkages and spatial opportunities. With a linear group of buildings and a defined building frontage, the landscape has become the unifying element. A new sculpture walk has been created with plinths for displaying students’ work. 

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New book by PLACE landscape architect
November 2015

PLACE landscape architect Meaghan Kombol's book 30:30 Landscape Architecture has recently been published by Phaidon Press. The book showcases the work of 30 internationally renowned landscape architects, as well as 30 of the best of a new generation of forward looking, innovative designers. The book has been described by the Architectural Digest as one that ‘presents convention-defying work’. To read more about the publication please click here.




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Rainbow development gets planning permission
October 2015

The Rainbow development Raynes Park has gained planning permission. It provides a mixed-use development on a triangular brownfield site, bound by rail tracks, with approximately 250 residential units and a landscaped podium above secure car parking.  The site margins will be landscaped with indigenous plants, and large trees will grow through the podium, providing a dramatic link between the car park and gardens. Small scale industrial units will retain some employment on site.

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St. Helen's Main Entrance has gained planning permission
September 2015

Planning has been granted for St. Helen’s School front entrance redesign. The new layout will unify the entrance’s multiple architectural styles to create a cohesive entryway. The landscape is defined by a central pedestrian path which widens as it approaches the entrance.  Two roadside, mature oak trees frame the central path, under which a rich understorey of planting runs and continues through to the courtyard beyond.


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St. Helen's School playground is under construction
August 2015

St. Helen's School playground is under construction and due to be completed for the start of the September 2015. The nautically-themed playground offers a range of play equipment, from large-scale musical instruments to water trays to a centrally located, wooden boat complete with a slide, decks and stairs. The playground forms a part of the new Junior School works and will be a dynamic play for the students of St. Helen's.

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Cheddars Lane has been granted planning permission
August 2015

Accommodation for a new student complex for over 320 students has received planning permission in Cambridge.  The planning committee ‘acknowledged the quality of the scheme’, explaining the application ‘dealt with all policy and design issues’ and that all ‘consultees were positive, with a very rare fully green light review from the Design Review Committee’.  The development transforms a former brownfield site into an engaging student accommodation complex which adds significant environmental improvements.

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