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All projects are unique, so each one receives our close attention, with innovative and appropriate design solutions, carefully planned schemes, and well-managed execution. We are involved in all stages of a project, from concept design and site planning through to detailed design and construction, on-site supervision, management and maintenance.

As Chartered Landscape Architects we provide the following services:

Landscape Design
We aspire to create beautiful places which bring pleasure to people on a daily basis, be that in a school, a residential community or in the work place. Our designs address key issues of concern in the built environment today, whether it is climate control, regeneration, protection of biodiversity or the prudent use of natural resources. .

Urban Design & Masterplanning
We play a key role in the multi-disciplinary process of masterplanning and urban design. We provide expertise in the art of making places, spaces and landscapes and the establishment of frameworks that facilitate successful, sustainable developments. We offer expertise in site planning, green infrastructure, placemaking and environmental stewardship. .

Landscape Planning and Assesment
Our landscape assessment work contributes to the formation of planning policies, the allocation of land for development and development control activities; it is also used to inform appropriate recommendations for conservation and land management. Our assessment work often takes the form of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIAs), as part of the wider EIA process.

Landscape Management
We have the expertise to ensure that clients are guaranteed a landscape which meets their long-term design objectives and performs to their expectations, whether itís a new or existing landscape. We prepare detailed maintenance plans, schedules of work, cost plans and specifications.

Expert Witness
We offer an expert witness service on a variety of landscape matters including local plan inquiries, development plans and planning enforcement actions.

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